The Pauly Friedman Art Gallery engages more than 2500 square feet on the top level of Marlene Insalaco and Hall Misericordia’s Sandy. This course is a high-tech learning environment that was unlocked to the intelligence community and to the public in March 2009.

The multi-use gallery is used for performing effective arts along with the visual arts, like small musical achievements and poetry readings. The moisture-reserved gallery also features high tech examination and enclosed sound systems, three types of path lighting, and a bamboo floor.

Compact inner walls are accessible when needed. UV glass window walls and power-driven blackout shades safeguard any artwork from light risk. A custom-made storage area coupled as a small theater for short films produced and directed controlled by Misericordia students, for revealing artists who like to upgrade their shows with a trial film.

Several times the gallery will also commence a discourse series that will counterpart the offering on display. The art gallery staff struggles to offer premier Carnival and installations that politically and educationally enrich upgrade our students and neighboring community as we go on the pursuit of merit that is echoed at Misericordia University.