At the beginning of the Sovereign Prince, the control of Monaco has been increased for considerable years with all by universally distinguished artists. The sculpture takes up a favored place in this selection and is placed all over the town and gardens so that the public can respect this heritage.

Nearly one hundred works by modern artists rub shoulders with the establishment by sculptors, some existing in Monaco but also some earlier, extremely defended pieces. In addition to the placing of these sculptures around the Principality, an everyday walk has been organized in the Fontvieille district where the maximum of these monumental works have been brought all at once so that this exclusive collection can be exposed on foot.

At the urging of HSH the Sovereign Prince, Monaco accomplished a number of universally great works of art. These sculptures are revealed in several locations of Monaco, giving the general public a chance to enjoy this feature of Monaco’s cultural rights. About sixty works by present-day artists, like Arman’s Cavalleria Eroica, Cesar’s Le Poing and Botero’s Adam and Eve, are to be found during the Principality. There is also an exclusive sculpture trail in the Fontvieille District where a many of these works are reduced.